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About Us

Ajazi Web Design was formed almost on a dare as the result of "peer pressure" from a friend who needed a website created for his business. I knew nothing about building a website at the time, but decided to teach myself what I could (mostly to get my friend off my back). That was in 1998.

Today, we have morphed into search engine optimization specialists. While we still develop websites, our real passion is in the world of SEO, keyword research, search engine marketing and blogs.

From a one-person shop to a group of professionals from various business and technical backgrounds with a variety of skill sets, there is very little that we can't accomplish for you in the web space. We also have a list of top-notch partner solution providers if your needs are beyond our capabilities.

Our ideal customer is someone who wants to reap the benefits of increased website traffic through an optimized website and sound ecommerce marketing initiatives. You would be surprised how impressive the results can be with the right program.

Find out more or ask us a question by contacting us today.

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