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By Brad Shorr

With over 60 million blogs in existence and a new blog being created every second, the blogosphere is where every company needs to be.

What can a business blog do for you?
  • Improve organic search performance in a big way.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Take customer service and tech support to a new level.
  • Streamline internal processes
  • Establish your company as a Thought leader.
Don't have time to setup and regularly maintain your own blog? That's OK. We do.

One Source for the Complete Range of Blog Consulting, Blog Writing and Blog Marketing Services—
  • Blog Strategy. First we evaluate the competition and what type of blog(s) make sense for your business and then lay out objectives, timetables, and resource allocation.
  • Blog Launch. We select the right platform and incorporate all vital functions into your blog, develop content guidelines and marketing plans, and stage your rollout for maximum impact.
  • Blog Training and Coaching. We make sure your staff is prepared for writing, editing, and marketing.
  • Blog Writing and Editorial Services. For any blog, content is king. Sharing the work makes sense. Our team of experienced copywriters ensures quality content delivered on time.
  • Blog Marketing Support. We maximize your blog's popularity with a wide variety of marketing activities - link development, directory registration, and social networking to name a few.
  • Blog Monetization. Blogs can generate revenue: options include affiliate programs, contextual advertising, RSS "feedvertising", and pay-per-click campaigns.
Imagine doing business without a Web site, a computer, or a phone. Doing business without a blog is just as hard to imagine—but most companies haven't noticed... yet. Let us give you the blog advantage.

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