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Free SEO

Why am I willing to offer SEO services and consulting for free? I guess it's because I like to help out "the little guys/gals".

** ATTENTION ** - Due to extremely popular demand, I will not be taking on any new clients (free or paying) for the near future. I need to catch up with all the leads. Thank you for your interest and continued support. -GA

I've always found search engine optimization compelling because it is a tool that allows small businesses to compete against larger businesses on the web. SEO also helps to drive traffic/sales without having to pay for clicks (like Paid Search). This is probably the most appealing aspect of SEO to the smaller companies, the fact that they can bring in traffic and sales without having to "pay" for it (this is somewhat relative of course, time does have a cost associated with it).

I decided a short time ago that I would be willing to help out smaller companies with SEO in exchange for one live hyperlink from their website. That's it. No money needed.

From keyword research, to Title tag and Meta Description formatting, I will teach you the most important factors in expanding your site's potential in the search engines.

If you have a website that you think could benefit from search engine optimization, feel free to contact me.

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